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MGBGT Christmas Scene


This is a 1968 MGBGT. It is a made-up scene but the building in the background is actually in the grounds of Filching Manor, the once home of the record breaking Cambell family and...


Ford Prefect winter drive

View from inside a Ford Prefect

This image is based on a car I own, a 1953 Ford Prefect. The scene depicts the car being driven through a winter landscape. The driver would certainly need the gloves he is wearing...


Gulf Porsche at Goodwood

Gulf livered Porsche at the Goodwood Members Meeting

I am particularly please with this image of the classic Gulf liveried Porsche 917 in the paddock at the Goodwood Members Meeting. This was at the end of the day and the car was...


Mini Coopers Racing

Racing Mini Coopers

This two colour linocut illustration was inspired by watching a Pre 1966 Classic and Historic championship race. It was at a Classic Touring Car Racing Club meeting and these two Minis were nose to...


A35 Rally Car

A35 Rally Car night time rally in snow

This scene of an Austin A35 rally car driving through a forest at night is fictional. The design was originally produced for the Tunbridge Wells Motor Club to send to its members for Christmas 2015. The three...


Lotus Cortina

Lotus Cortina print

I have been associated with the Classic Touring Car Racing Club (CTCRC) for several years. This picture of the Lotus Cortina was inspired while at their Brands Hatch meeting in 2014. The cars from...


Ford Prefect E493A

Ford Prefect print

The Ford Prefect featured in this linocut illustration is owned by my brother and me. As most classic car owners will know they present may challenges in both running them and driving them. The car...


Alfa Romeo GTV6 at Goodwood

Chris Snowdon Alfa GTV6 print

This image was produced after watching Chris Snowdon racing his 1981 Alfa Romeo GTV6 in the Gerry Marshall Trophy Race at the 72 Goodwood Members Meeting. He had a nose to tail battle for...