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Two classic car pop art style Christmas cards

This year I have produced two Christmas card designs. One is for the Tunbridge Wells Motor Club, my local club for who I produce a card each year. The other is for me. Both cards are based on existing illustrations of single cars but multiplied and recoloured. Placed on contrasting coloured backgrounds and a little snow has been added to complete the effect.

As with all my linocut illustrations, the process starts with pencil drawn pictures transferred to lino and hand carved. Each carving, of what eventually becomes a different colour, is first printed in black ink. From this point the process to create the final image is all digital, starting with the black images being scanned at a very high resolution.

The various elements of the illustration are then assembled in an artwork package (InDesign). Within the package, it is possible to colour each of the elements and overlay them with transparency creating other colours.

This process makes the illustration artwork very versatile. Changing colours, duplicating to make different compositions and combining different illustrations are all options I frequently use. These Christmas cards are examples of all the processes I use in action.

Prints of the illustrations used to create this cards are available to buy from the shop.

Mini Cooper S print | Mini Cooper S pop art print | Austin A35 print | Austin A35 pop art print


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