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Motoring Prints Classic Car Art Poster

This classic cars poster is a promotional piece for SGSS Prints. It is displayed in several classic car garages and workshops locally to our base in Crowborough, East Sussex. The poster was designed by our sister company SGSS Design who have a specialty in working with motoring and motorsports companies.

The classic cars poster features a montage of our linocut images. The images represent a cross section of the type of classic car art illustration we produce. They show classic cars in isolation or with a simple background, and those that are set in more complex scenes.

The backgrounds to the pictures are a very important part of the image. A classic car can be set in a favourite location or complimentary scene. Equally the image can be very striking when it has no background at all or just set on a colour. A performance car, such as a race car or sports car, can be set against a background that emphasises speed or action.

The A3 posters are printed on a heavy weight, lightly textured paper. They were printed at the same time as our new business cards which are also supplied to the garages for anyone who is interested in contacting us about classic car art prints of their car. The business cards were also designed by SGSS Design.

Classic Cars Poster for motoringprints.com


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