BMW Isetta 250 Standard ‘Bubble Car’


BMW Isetta 250 Standard
A4 Giclée Print

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I saw this BMW Isetta in the BMW Museum in Munich. It is the 250 Standard model from 1955. The Isetta was originally developed by an Italian company called Iso. BMW produced the Isetta, commonly referred to as the Bubble Car, to help it through a difficult period after the Second World War. The car was produced in various versions from 1955 to 1962 during which 160,000 were built.

The car has a 245cc single cylinder motorcycle engine, producing 12bhp and a top speed just over 50mph. It is a tiny car at only 7.5 ft (2.29m) long by (1.37m) wide. The whole of the font of the car is a door which swings open with the steering wheel and instrument panel attached. The driver and passenger were expected to exit through the canvas roof in the event of an accident. It has a single bench seat and a parcel shelf for luggage under which there was a spare wheel.

The solid-state rear axle is chain driven. The rear wheels are only 19″ (48cm) apart which eliminated the need for a differential. The prototypes had a single rear wheel but had the tendency to roll over.

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The print is A4 (210 x 297mm) including the border.

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